Cornerstone Baptist Church

Our Church History

In 1911 under ther direction of Dr. John Todd Anderson the church had its beginnings. Dr. Anderson was able to get a mill house from Gray's Mill in which to hold Sunday School primarily for children. The house was located at the corner of Gray and Green streets. When Dr. Anderson left the area to become a medical missionary in China, his father, Rev. W.A. Anderson, became the leader of the Sunday School.

There was a need for another place to meet so Bethel Baptist Church(currently Woodruff First) graciously gave the Sunday School the privelege of meeting in their building on Sunday Afternoon. When Bethel Church built a new building on Main Street and changed their name to First Baptist they continued to let sunday School be held in their old building and the mission expanded to include adult.

In October, 1913 the group was organized as a Baptist Church, to be known as Bethel Baptist Church. Rev. Anderson gave First Baptist Church a $500.00 love offering and they gave him the church properties with the understanding that it would be used as a mission church. The church continued to grow and continued to meet in the old building.

In 1934 under the direction of Rev. B.M. Wynn the mill authorities were approached and they gave the land where the present church is located. The new church was completed and dedicated on October 13, 1935. The name of the church was changed at this time to Mills Mill Baptist Church.

As the church grew there became a need for space. It was decided that the church would purcase a lot located on West Georgia Street and build a new parsonage and use the old one as a nursery. The new house was completed and Rev. Joe Vaughn and family moved int the house on July 22, 1964.

Under the ministry of Rev. John Lynch a total church remodeling project was begun in 1975 and completed in 1977.

In 1991 the church called their present pastor, Rev. Douglas Huntsinger. In 1994 the congregation of Mills Mill Baptist Church voted to change their name to Cornerstone Baptist Church.

As the church continued to grow, property was purchased with the hope of eventually building a larger facility. In 2003, Neil-Prince Architects was engaged to design a master plan. This was adopted by the church. In 2004, construction began on Phase I of the Master Plan. Phase I was completed, and in October 2005 we held our first service in our new church at 9480 Highway 221. Our church continues to grow in this new location.
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