Cornerstone Baptist Church

Weeky Devotional

Stay Within Earshot


"Mind your P's & Q's and don't get a bee in your bonnet. Just because it's rainin' cats and dogs; doesn't mean it's not worth a Tinker's dam. Keep your powder dry and make your peace with God. Do you get my drift?"

Sayings from past times definitely sound like a foreign language to today's generation. It was a common practice for parents to call out a final instruction to their children. That was familiar advice back then. Before they went charging out the door to play, or before taking off on their own during an outing, loving parents often called out these words, "Stay within earshot!" This is not an expression we hear much these days, but I am certain if God the Father were to call out an audible phrase of verbal instruction to us as we charge out into life each morning, this would be it! This is a basic truth to embrace and apply.

These particular words of wisdom from the 'good old days' have a profound spiritual application. It recently occurred to me, when I overheard someone use that expression. It immediately brought questions to my mind.

Are we staying within earshot to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father?
Will we hear when He's speaking to us daily with words of guidance, caution, strength, courage or comfort?
Will we be within the range of His voice when we are in a place of desperation and needing His instruction?
Selective hearing has become a common affliction of our contemporary life style. We hear what we want to hear and tune out the rest. As believers, we have accepted Him as Lord and Savior of our life. We truly love Him and seek His guidance. We attend services faithfully and serve others, but for whatever reason, there are times we drift out of the earshot of God. There may be so much going on in life that all the activity around us is drowning out His voice, but make no mistake, He is still speaking and calling out to His children and the lost.

In this technological age we are focused on all the electronics and digital screens constantly flashing at us from every direction. Digitally enhanced voices inundate our daily lives with messages and information. We experience overload. At times there is so much interference in our lives that we ignore, or don't recognize human voices let alone any spiritual communication trying to get through. Face to face interactions and conversations have become secondary. Communication has changed, and in the process we have a defective receiver that is not picking up the truly important messages. I fear our 'modern day filters' are no longer sensitive to, or aware of, the sound waves that are transmitting the spiritual voice of God

. When you need Him most, He will be there transmitting the call to you, but will you hear Him? Will you recognize the Father's call? How many earthly distractions have you allowed to get between you and the one who loves and cares for you most of all? Have you drifted out of the range of the Father's earshot? Have you been too busy with things of the world to even notice there is an expanding distance between you and God. "Give ear and hear my voice. Listen and hear my words." (Isaiah 28:23)

In today's world, we often witness people going off into panic mode when the computer goes down or when there is a 'disconnect' to the internet. A cell phone with a dead battery or being out of range of service is a tragic interruption in this high-tech age. More importantly, we need to be aware of the eternal danger in becoming disconnected from our Lord and Savior. Being out of range to receive spiritual messages will have far more long lasting consequences than any electronic interruption

There are no batteries and service towers necessary to maintain a spiritual connection. His power is everlasting. He continues speaking and transmitting messages to us under every circumstance. Are you receiving? God is the originator of that familiar question we hear so often on cell phone commercials, "Can you hear me now?" Don't miss hearing the call that can change your life, or maybe even save it! Stay within earshot!

Seven ways to ensure that you stay within earshot of God's voice:
1. Maintain a deep desire to hear and obey His voice
2. Be committed to listening for His voice.
3. Daily read His words so you will recognize a counterfeit voice.
4. Have daily conversations/pray so you will recognize the Father's voice.
5. Minimize life's distractions-unimportant calls, background noise and activities.
6. Set personal boundaries and faithfully stay within them.
7. Routinely check your distance - close the gap before you're out of range.
Stay connected; stay within earshot!

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