Cornerstone Baptist Church

Weeky Devotional

Looking Through the Keyhole


Remember the old fashioned doors with skeleton keys and keyholes. I recall, as a child, key holes were conveniently situated at my eye level and proved to be wonderful for snooping and peeking through when siblings would not allow access into a room. Have you ever looked through an old fashioned keyhole? You can only see the activity that is occurring directly in front of the opening, or whatever is passing by the limited "keyhole view" at that moment. And yet, peeking is intriguing and exciting. It's like watching a parade with anticipation of seeing elaborate floats and hearing the sights and sounds of colorful marching bands soon to come into view. However, we are unable to see the entire parade from beginning to end. We can't understand the entire scope of events by only seeing one small portion at a time. We haven't seen all that has gone on before, and we have no idea of what is coming up next.

Many things pass by the "keyhole" of our life; some good, some bad. Unexpected storms of interruption often blow in and rain on our parade. There may be devastating life changing storms such as losing a loved one, or the turbulence of facing change or losing a beloved pet. No one looks forward to these interruptions in our lives, but no matter what the analogy, during such circumstances, when it is happening, it is difficult and heartbreaking. .

What we have in common is that sooner or later we all ask the same questions. "Why has this happened to me? What should I do now? Will things ever feel normal again? How can I move forward with my life? We agonize, attempting to understand the bigger picture. There may be times when the only thought in your head is flashing like a neon sign, "just get me through the day, just get me through the day!" For me, I also want to know exactly what lesson I am suppose to learn. Is there a takeaway that will make life richer or leave me with valuable wisdom to pass forward? For sure, I have learned that not everything is good, but through it all, I know that God is sovereign and He promises, "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) .

Most importantly, I have learned that it is not all about me and this is not all there is! Yes, there have been many stormy interruptions and detours in the progress of my parade route. The past eight years have been a constant barrage of bad weather and rough roads, but in every situation God has provided shelter and has redirected my path. He has met me at my place of need and blessed me with peace and joy. He has provided comfort, healing, and hope for tomorrow. Maintaining daily conversational prayer, studying the Word, and getting to know and understand the many attributes of God has allowed me to see the bigger picture. He has blessed me with insight and wisdom beyond the limited "keyhole view." I have learned that there is a higher purpose to be achieved in everything that occurs in this life, consequently, I can rest in His All-Sufficient Hands. .

Like Job, I am God's child. I choose to be a faithful servant, through the bad times as well as the good times. He blesses me so I can bless others and all the Glory belongs to the Omnipotent Father. My life's parade may be the only parade that someone is stopping to observe. Someone may be watching in search of answers, proof of faith, needing to find hope and a reason to go on. That's what I want my life to reflect! That's the bigger picture. My higher purpose is to allow God to be seen through me so that others may come to know who He really is and find their way to eternal life. .

The many names of God describe distinguishing attributes of His character. In all of life's circumstance He is All-Sufficient, my El Shaddai. I acknowledge Him as Elohim, The Creator; El Roi, The God Who Sees. He is Jehovah-jireh, The Lord who provides. He is omnipresent, present at all places, at all times and He is omniscient, knowing all things. The God Most High, El Elyon; my Lord and Master, Adonai has dominion over all. He watches me both night and day."...Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is your keeper... from this time forth and forever."( Psalm 121:4,5,8) .

I can be at peace with my "limited keyhole view" for God sees the entire parade! You can confidently place your life in the hands of The All-Sufficient One, knowing His power and wisdom surpasses all human understanding. (He has never failed me.) When you get to know who He really is...you know, He will get you through the day! .

Through the Eyes of Faith, Jane

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