Cornerstone Baptist Church

Weeky Devotional



The curtains danced about as the wind streamed through the open window. It took only five minutes of breathing in the fresh, crisp air to sense a reversal in the listless cloudy doldrums of my brain. A fresh supply of oxygen revived my foggy thinking to an alert clear thinking, powered-up mind. If you want to shake yourself out of the cloudy brain doldrums, open a window. According to a new study in the journal Elevated Health Perspectives, stuffy indoor heating heightens levels of carbon dioxide, a gas we release when we exhale. When it gets too high, it triggers listlessness, foggy-headed, unclear thinking. A fresh supply of oxygen reverses those effects, making you more alert in minutes and helps you to "Power Up."

When life is shattered by an unexpected raging storm, it can leave us with that same brain-drain effect. Being overcome by pain and sorrow and under a heavy load of stress, is very much like being overcome in a room filled with too much carbon dioxide; listlessness and lost in a fog. The simple but effective act of opening a window and deeply breathing fresh air not only clears your head but helps you regulate your emotions. There will be times we need to "Power Up" just to get through the next minute, let alone, the entire day.

As parents, we have all made promises to our kids to help them get through a difficult situation. Friends and loved ones have made promises to me in an attempt to accomplish the same outcome. Sometimes promises are kept, and sadly, many times they are not.

Today I read Jeremiah 1:12, "He's watching over His word to perform it." It reminds me that when my Heavenly Father makes promises, He keeps them! God has proven to me that I can trust, believe and depend on His promises. This is the window I open. for the rejuvenating breath of life-saving air that will fill me and "power me up" with the "Rushing Mighty Wind" of God's Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:2 KJV)

We search for things that will give us power to overcome life's difficulties; resources to get us through each challenging day. How easily we put our faith and trust in so many meaningless earthly promises without evidence of truth. Yet, we fail to place our faith and trust in the powerful truths of God's Word. Words that have centuries of recorded evidence, and myriads of individual testimonials both past and present. It is more difficult to place faith in things we cannot see or touch. It is much easier to believe the empty promises and accept the foolishness of man because, that doesn't require much of a personal commitment. We accept words from TV, other media and the internet as truth! As "they" say, who ever "they" are, "They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true." (I read that on the internet!) Oh, yes they can and they do!

Hardly a day goes by that I don't have someone say to me, "Look it up on the internet. Go to this or that website on the internet." or "The internet says..." There is valuable information on the internet, and there are good uses for it, but beware! Anyone can be the faceless source of printed words posted without much accountability. Just because that date you found on the internet says, "Bon Jour," does not prove he is a French model. The world does not watch over it's words and has no obligation to keep promises. Many lives have been destroyed by broken promises and lies.

If you earnestly seek the truth, God will light the way. The evidence of promises kept is revealed to us everyday in life situations. Open the window of truth and "Power Up" on that which has helped people for centuries. Promises from The Sovereign God will not only get you through difficult days, but assure you of an eternal home in heaven. He is the Quintessential Promise Keeper! Yes, it requires commitment from you. In return, He promises to give you abundant life, to protect you and to give you the strength and courage you need to get through every trial and tribulation.

Stay alert; be aware of the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that will rob you of life sustaining spiritual oxygen. Reverse those effects with an empowering breath of fresh air. "The truth of His promises will be performed." and will get you through this day and all the days ahead!

So, open the window; let God in and be revived! He promises to walk with you, sustain you and give you peace and joy in the midst of it all

. Through the eyes of faith, Jane

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