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What Do You Do When Someone Is Watching You

"How does she do it?" "How does he keep going?"

If you have been a Christian for a length of time, people may have asked how you do it.

How do you manage going through such a heartbreaking divorce? How do you manage being married for so long? How do you make it in a job you hate? How can you be so calm when the world is in such turmoil? These questions are asked quite often, if not out loud then certainly in some minds.

A Christian has God's Holy Spirit within him from the minute of conversion. He He then begins a lifelong process of sanctification in the life of the believer, transforming him into the person through whom God can work. He works in us to produce fruits which are quite mysterious to an unbeliever. These are found in Galatians 5:22-23.

The changes wrought in us by the Holy Spirit's leading and guidance are sometimes instant and other times gradual. But they will come and others will see the changes taking place. This is what makes people around them take notice.

This is the true test of a Christian; when others notice a real change in you. They may even see you going through some of the situations listed above and ask, "How do you do it"

They are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

These changes in the believer are what people notice. It's not normal life for him anymore. There is something different about him that makes some say, "I wish I could be like that."

The difference you see in a Christian's life that makes him tend to rise above the things that get him down is the relationship he has with God through salvation in Jesus Christ. Yes, it is a real relationship!

"But," you say, "how can you have a relationship with someone you can't see?" Good question. Let me ask you this; how can you see leaves moving on a tree or a tumbleweed rolling along if you can't see the wind? Though not seen, wind is both a gentle and a mighty force. Likewise, though not seen, God is a gentle and a mighty force in the life of a believer.

Now, let me ask another question. Who do you know that may be asking these questions? Is there someone watching you and others as you move through life hand in hand with God, who may be searching for answers? Sure there are!

I think of children when I ponder this. They are brand new to this world and they look to us to be the example of how to act and what to say, not to mention whom to lean on when times are tough. Do they see us cry out to God when things go horribly wrong, then see His peace wash over us and settle us? Or do they see us shake our fists at God because we think we deserve better?

I think of coworkers who see how words and actions don't exactly match in us rather than being able to count on us to constantly prove what the will of God is. (Romans 12:2)

I think of spouses who need the comfort of knowing their husband/wife will be faithful no matter what, because He who is inside them is faithful.

There are people around you watching your life. Show them "how you do it!"

Here are three things to remember;

Be aware of those watching you.
Pray for consistency in your life, staying in close communication with God through reading His word and prayer.
Live your life in a manner that brings glory to God.
I used to love making my daddy proud of me. Now I love making my Heavenly daddy, God, proud of me since it is He who works in me for His good pleasure. (Philippians 2:13)

Can you relate?

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