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Weeky Devotional


by "And the one who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him. And we know by this that He ABIDES in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us." 1st John 3:24 He abides, He abides, Hallelujah He abides with me. I'm rejoicing night and day as I walk the pilgrim way for the Comforter abides with me. (Herbert Buffum)

I am continually blessed by church hymns written by God's saints. They are filled with scriptural truths that inspire and encourage my heart. They are truths that have been tried and tested by the many who have walked the pathway of trials and tribulations before us.

1st John Chapters 1-3 are filled with basic truths and wisdom. I could linger here for weeks, but as I read the scripture there was one word that continually jumped off the page, "abides." The dictionary states that to abide is to wait for, to endure without yielding, to stand with, to bear patiently, to accept without objection, to remain stable or fixed in a state, and to continue in a place.

The truth in God's Word that is repeated in this great hymn states when we abide in Him, He abides in us. The fact is, all of us and this world will eventually pass away, but God abides forever! If we abide in Him here and now (bearing patiently, and enduring without yielding) we will abide with Him in heaven for all eternity.

Reading 1st John impressed me to ponder the message of God's proclamation of mutually abiding. As I continued reading God's word, I was reminded of the instruction given to me years ago by a wise retired Pastor. He advised me to think of my relationship with God as a contract each party making a promise to fulfill their given responsibility. We fulfill our part; God fulfills His part. In today's language we call that a contract. In God's language, He proclaims it as His covenant with His children. Wow, what a promise to stand on! What a firm foundation God has provided for the faithful believer who will abide.

These verses speak of God's unfailing, unconditional love for those who follow His commandments, accept His Son Jesus as Savior and keep His covenant to abide. He will not only abide, guide, direct and sustain our walk while we are in this world facing the storms of life, but He will also go and prepare a place for us in heaven. I'd say that is a pretty good exchange of responsibilities and the best contract ever made. That's a contract for abiding with God in heaven eternally. I'll accept that offer!

The outcome: Abiding in Christ and growing in Grace. The darkness decreases as the light increases. He abides, He abides, Hallelujah He abides with me!

"The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked." 1st John 2:6

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