Cornerstone Baptist Church

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." 1st Peter 5:7

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Completing a midnight shift as a nursing assistant at the Health Care Center, I was hungry and tired. With only enough time to shower and dress, I grabbed a banana and we were on our way to Sunday worship service. My eyes were open the entire time, but I know for sure my brain was sleeping and my body was craving the usual morning coffee I had missed earlier. Suffering from lack of nutrition and caffeine, it was 12:15 when church was dismissed. I was more than anxious to arrive at the home of our friends who had invited us for Sunday dinner. More importantly, knowing they were coffee drinkers I was certain a pot would already be brewing.

Arriving at the home of our friends, we were greeted by our male host who was aware of my midnight work schedule. He immediately made an announcement that could set any caffeine deprived individual into a panic. He cautiously explained they had overlooked their near empty coffee supply and there was maybe enough for one cup per person.,p> Oh well, I thought as I quickly resolved in my head that a little coffee was better than none at all. One cup would probably be enough to keep me from nodding off during dinner. While the final dinner preparations were completed by his wife, our host filled our cups with the precious eye-opening nectar of the coffee bean. I was happy and awake as we eat our dinner and enjoyed our fellowship with good friends.

During the course of our dinner, we were all surprised and a bit amazed as we watched while he sparingly poured more of the precious black liquid into one cup at a time. Since he hadn't started with my cup, I was selfishly praying there would be a little left for me. Thank you Jesus, my prayer was answered.

It wasn't long before we were enjoying dessert. Savoring sweet chocolate morsels that go so well with coffee, my husband made a request stating he would like a warm up if there was any remaining? I know my eyes shot him daggers since I needed it more than he did! However, our host, a man of great faith, proceeded to pour as he laughing said, "I'm not about to look in this pot, but..." Looking at me, he asked, "Would you also like a warm up?" I responded with a hopeful, "Oh yes!"

And, to our amazement, he filled our cups again!? Isn't God wonderful? He knew how much I needed coffee after working a midnight and then attending Sunday service. He cared enough to give us our own little miracle. I appreciated what God provided, but I was especially thankful because it was proof of what a great God we serve! Fishes and loaves or coffee, He reminded us nothing is impossible with God!

His word commands us to continually praise and thank Him for our blessings, along with our thanksgiving for His greatness and holiness. He is God our Father who loves and cares for us much more than we give Him credit for. Yes, He takes time to notice our simplest needs; the little things that may seem meaningless to others. Perhaps they are only appreciated by the individual experiencing them, but you need to know you matter to Him! Pay close attention, and be aware of God's countless blessings; both big and small. Thank Him daily and take time to give Him the praise and glory for it all!

Something to consider: Ask yourself this question, answer it honestly and allow it increase your daily prayers of thanksgiving.

What if God only continued to bless you in the future by the same measure in which you thanked Him for the past blessings you've received?

by Jane Barrick